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Mi TV 4 | Xiaomi LED TV Review

Mi TV 4 - Xiaomi 's LED TV, One of the best deal in Budget Price Range With all top features.
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Mi TV 4
Mi TV 4
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Mi TV 4 Review-

Today i will be reviewing the newest innovation by xiaomi called Mi Led TV 4.
This 55 inches futuristic piece of art is Ultra-Thin, smart and comes with a 4k HDR Ultra HD Resolution Display.
Lets dive straight into its more striking features. To begin with let's talk about the design of this television. Now mi Team has really pushed the boundaries of '''''evengnearing'' and has come out with the thinnest possible led tv which is only 4.9 mm thin. How amazing is that..!! Also this is a frameless television with almost no bezels on its three sides it blends into everything that you're watching with no distraction at all.
Now what are the must-haves For A Great Television - "Good Picture Quality, Great Sound, Powerful performance" , This Television delivers them all for you.
It has a 4k HDR Resolution The best in the market and so faar and That means not only is this TV ready to give you best now but it's also future ready.
An immersive movie watching experience is ensured by its dual set of powerful speakers - Dolby + DTS HD which gives you cinematic experience To Expand The width of your entertainment options this tv has 3 HDMI Ports, Two USB Ports, a built-in 2.4 & 5 dual band wi-fi, Hi Speed Ethernet Ports and Bluetooth 4.0 That Covers all your devices the Internet and even headphones to come in handy for you to support all this and to bring to your living room a seamless experience. This Mi TV powered with a 64 bit quad core processor coupled with a 2 gb ram and 8gb internal storage. All these bundles together in simpler terms mean a great television and how does it get even better the next feature is a game changer and one of my personal favourites this truly a smart TV and i call it that because unlike many other smart TVs in the market, thus one has a fully customised OS of its own called Patchwall.
Its built-in with content first philosophy a feature like this has never been seen in any smart television in india.
The Patchwall OS enables this TV to bring to you over 500,000 hours of content from 12 different content partners in India. This is the most rich and diverse content spread ever experienced in any smart television in the country. Now what will add tremendous value to your TV viewing experience is its clean user interface  a cluttered home screen filled with unused apps is not really a pleasant sight. This Mi TV Really takes care of That The OS organizes the flexible home screen by personal categorization of all the content. now This Makes the entire system very very user friendly, quick to understand and to operate this one is truly made for india. It supports almost 13 Indian languages and brings your content from across 15 different languages. There's something for everyone, I have to say.  Now with all the super computer like features Mi has ensured that this futuristic machine is easy to operate by everyone. It has work to solve the problem of multiple remotes, as the Mi remote is all that you require. This is a key innovation with this remote you can control it all with only 11 buttons. There is literally no learning curve and it's ver very handy. The Patchwall OS has been engineered to bring smart features to you. You can now see the program guide of your set top box on the home screen along with other recommended options. So just go ahead and choose the one you like. You don't even need to switch between devices hunting for your favorite content. It also has a redefined back button which not only switches you back to the previous channel but also shows you the list of all recently bought channel to choose from + with just one tap you can quickly access personalized recommendation from Set-top box. So to sum up with a beautiful design, best in class resolution, crystal clear sound, efficient performance, a smart customized OS, over 500,000 hours of content, a user friendly interface and remote and futuristic features, one can assure that this is truly a Power Pack Television.

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